Other Work

Self Portrait Project

This hand coded sketch executed in Processing App was to serve as a self portrait and was created to represent the various forces inside and outside of the human psyche that ultimately play upon the human experience.

Mondrian Coded

This sketch was a challenge to recreate a digital version of Piet Mondrian with some handcode using Processing App.

Japanese Water Garden Animated

This was a sketch I coded using the Processing App that started with just simple a red circle coded on the screen and evolved from there.

Paintings and Sketches

Various paintings and sketchwork from over the years. I hope to add more to this area of the website to show my passion for the fine arts.

Yin and Yang vs Chaos

This hand coded sketch is one that can be difficult to look at for too long in animated state. I wanted to simulate lightening and atoms chaotically flying around a revolving Yin and Yang symbol.

Big Trak Obstacle Avoiding Robot

The reason I chose this toy is that it originally was sold by Milton Bradley when I was growing up as a child in the '80s'. The Big Trak was known as one of the first programmable toys ever made. The goal here would be to add missing fuctionality of obstacle avoidance making it robotic.